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CCI Brabourne Stadium

Project : IPL 2022


Following our success as the Official COVID-19 Sanitization Partner for the ISL S8 2021-2022 in Goa, Hallmark Services was contacted by the CCI Hospitality GM to carry out a similar project for the IPL 2022 matches to be hosted over the course of 3 months at the stadium (over 20 match days). 

The team got the vital areas of the club like the stands, players dressing room and the VVIP areas technically sanitized, with a footfall of over 8,000 people coming to see the matches. This was done consistently over 12–13-hour shifts using a customized Dry-Fog COVID-19 Disinfection Service we were able to ensure there were zero covid positive cases and no damage to the office premises

Helped guide the Admin Team on how to tackle the virus and ensure that the teams, players, fans, club staff, C-suite executives and celebrities were all kept safe throughout the tournament. 


  • Create a safe and healthy environment for the entire tournament within their bio bubble 
  • Minimum inconvenience for staff and zero damage to the expensive electronic office equipment  (zero chlorine and alcohol content)
  • Create a customized, cost-effective disinfection plan as per the footfall of the stadium (12-13 hour daily shift)
  • Offer a medical-grade service, with proven expertise and trained disinfection agents


Solution Results:

  • Successful implementation of Daily COVID-19 Dry Fog Disinfection Plan for over 90,000 sq. ft. for the entire match day duration (12 to 13 hour shift) at CCI’s stadium. 
  • Our disinfection created an effective and economical in order to ensure the complete safety (both aerial and surface disinfection) of the stadium premises
  • The combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions had a synergistic effect when attacking cell membranes, enzymes and the structure of the Coronavirus in addition to all other viruses, bacteria and fungi. The result was effective elimination with no risk of microbial resistance.
  • Implementing universally accepted sanitation protocols as per the latest WHO, CDC and BMC recommended guidelines including new PPE suits, best quality disinfectant, trained team of workers to operate in a bio bubble. 
  • Hallmark received a glowing testimonial from the CCI Hospitality GM for our support for the duration of the project.