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Nano Coating for Fabric & Upholstery Protection | Hallmark


NanoTech Armour: An Unmatched Protection for Your Upholstery & Stone 

Nanotechnology fabric protector to keep your furniture in a Pristine condition


Hallmark Services is your one-stop shop for Nano-coating all types of upholstery and stone . We understand how essential it is for you to keep your furniture pristine for a long time without worrying about any possible damage.

Our nano-tech powered Fabric & Upholstery Protection service creates an invisible, non-toxic and eco-friendly protective coating that REPELS liquids, water, stains & spills for up-to 12 months after a single application!

We offer nanotechnology-based solutions to the age-old problem of protecting upholstery from stains, liquid, and general deterioration. In addition to providing an invisible barrier using cutting-edge technology, we protect your furniture from spillage or discoloration problems. Obtain permanent protection for your upholstery and cease worrying about discoloration. With our commitment to customer-centric services and superior product quality, we have established ourselves as a prominent market leader today.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for our nano-coating upholstery fabric protection services and extend the lifespan of your furnishingfurniture and stone surfaces.


Make the Stains Stay Away

Formulated in Germany

Nano Coating - Make the Stains Stay Away

Our process of providing complete protection for nano-coating of upholstery fabric


To prepare your upholstery for nano-coating, we will first have our experienced specialists inspect it to determine the material and current condition. This is to examine your fabric’s composition and search for visible discoloration or damage.


Before applying our nano-coating technology, we will thoroughly clean your upholstery with eco-friendly chemicals using our specialized cleaning methods. This reduces the chances of the protective layer failing due to grime, pollen, or other contaminants on the fabric.

Nano-coating Implementation

We apply our cutting-edge nanotechnology formula after cleansing cleaning and drying your upholstered furniture. This advanced treatment employs microscopic particles that molecularly bond with the fabric to form an undetectable barrier.

Curing Procedure

Following the application of the nanotechnology formula, the fabric bonds and cures. The furniture or stone surface needs to remain untouched for up to 24 hours. This drying period This ensures the coating’s superior effectiveness and durability. Fabric and environmental variables may influence the curing time.

Final Examination

After the curing process, our professionals ensure the fabric protection is applied uniformly and caters to the level of our standards. With every project, we commit to going above and beyond to meet your needs and achieve your upholstery cleaning objectives.

Nano Coating - Protect The Spaces You Love

Protect the spaces you love features

Nanotechnology-based features for protecting upholstery fabrics and stone surfaces

  • Our nanotechnology-based formulation offers discreet fabric protection without modifying the appearance or texture of your furnishings. It merges in unnoticed and protects it from any possible damage.
  • The protective nano-coating is resistant to stains and spills because it repels liquids, preventing stains from settling in and making the process of cleaning spillage easier. You can stay rest assured that minor accidents will not cause any irreparable damage to your beloved furniture.
  • Our nanotechnology solution also repels filth and  stainspollen, preventing any residue accumulation on your furniture. Therefore, you can invest less time and effort in routine maintenance and cleansing-related processes.
  • Our nanotechnology-based upholstery protection is designed to withstand the test of time. It adheres securely to the fabric providing it with maximum protection.
  • Our nanotechnology can protect against sun rays, liquid spillage, or discoloration issues. It protects your upholstery from the sun’s deteriorating effects and prolongs its new appearance.


Nano Coating - Fabric Protection & Upholstery Protection

Benefits of Protecting Upholstery Fabric with Nanotechnology

Superior Resistance to Stains

Our Nanotechnology Upholstery Fabric Protection provides outstanding stain resistance. The nanomaterials repel liquids by producing a hydrophobic barrier, preventing them from penetrating the fabric beyond the surface level.

Increased Stability

With our nanotechnology treatment, the durability of your upholstery is sure to increase. The protective barrier reinforces the fabric, reducing the risk of deterioration and prolonging your furniture’s life for a long time.

Simple Upkeep and Cleaning

With the help of our Nanotechnology Upholstery Fabric Protector Service, maintaining and cleaning your upholstery is a breeze. The protective barrier prevents grime, grit, and debris from adhering to the fabric. Spills and stains are readily removed with a clean cloth, leaving behind no trace.

UV Shielding

Our nano-coating technology treatment includes UV protection, which assists in blocking harmful UV radiation and preventing any colorcolour fading. Our Nanotechnology Upholstery Fabric Protector ensures that your furniture will retain its original attractiveness for several years.

Allergy Reduction

Our Nanotechnology Upholstery Fabric Protector reduces allergen absorption, making it more straightforward to remove allergens during routine cleaning. This makes the indoor environment healthy, particularly for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

Improves Appearance

Protecting the appearance of your furniture with Nanotechnology-based fabric protection may help your furniture last longer and appear like new for years to come. The nano-coating is a buffer against wear and tear, helping your upholstery keep its pristine appearance.

Places Where Our Services Can Provide Security

All our upholstery protection services for households and businesses utilize our revolutionizing nanotechnology. We also offer protection options for home furnishings, office chairs, and upholstery in your hospitality establishment. With years of experience in various environments, our seasoned professionals are here to manage all your upholstery requirements.

At Hallmark Services, we strive to exceed our consumers’ expectations. Our nanotechnology-based upholstery fabric preservation solution is sure to extend life and improve the appearance of your furniture.

Why Choose Our Services?

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our nano-coating technology provides the most effective protection for upholstery. Our innovative solution provides an invisible barrier that repels stains, accidents, and normal wear and tear, preserving the pristine appearance of your furniture.

Expertise and Experience

Our nano-coating for upholstery protection is backed by years of experience in this industry. Trust our qualified personnel to implement our advanced technology on your equipment with precision and care for maximum efficacy.

Customized Solutions

Each piece of furniture has different fabric and protection needs; hence we have developed custom upholstery protection solutions. We tailor complete furniture protection based on the composition of the fabric, its condition, and its usage.

Extended Protection

Our nano-coating can protect your upholstery for several months or even several years. Our unique composition will adhere to your fabric to preserve the protective barrier even after repeated usage and laundering. Hence, you are not required to spend money annually.

Savings in Time and Money

Our nano-coating for protecting upholstery will help save your time and money involved. Thanks to its protective barrier, you can enjoy your furniture without fretting about damage, reducing the need for regular cleaning, professional treatments, or expensive upholstery replacements.

Health and Hygiene

Our nano-coating will enhance your furniture and stone surfacesupholstery cleanliness while also preserving its aesthetic appeal. Our barrier prevents Our nano-tech powered Fabric & Upholstery Protection service creates an invisible, non-toxic and eco-friendly protective coating that REPELS liquids, water, stains & spills for up-to 12 to 18 months after a single application!

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