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Points to Note


Refund and Cancellation Policy

Breakage or Damage: We train our staff to take extra care with your belongings, however occasional accidents do happen.

Our staff is instructed to report breakage or damage immediately to the office and to you if you’re available. If you believe that something has been damaged or broken by us, please write to us at:

Any refund / cancellation sought for by paid customer will be entertained only when received within 48hours of the work done.

We do not take responsibility for damage not reported within this time frame.
The Paid customer for which a refund has been sought for will be subject to examination by experts. Regarding its technical problem or No response.
If something goes wrong, something break then customer should write to us and we need 10 to 15 business days to refund the amount.

An inspection team may visit your place.

Refund amount will not be more that 15% of the assigned the specific job value.

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