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  • During the COVID-19 Pandemic we took over the sanitization and healthcare protocols for the airline company’s headquarters in Mumbai, a 40,000 sq. ft. office space at a corporate park, operated 24×7 during the First and Second COVID-19 Waves, Lockdowns etc. in Maharashtra.
  • Helped guide the Admin Team on how to tackle the virus and ensure that C-suite executives and celebrity ambassadors were safe in the office premises throughout the pandemic
  • On implementing a customized Dry-Fog COVID-19 Disinfection Service we were able to ensure there were zero covid positive cases and no damage to the office premises
  • In addition, the client got a cost reduction from their previous vendors quotations.



  • Create a safe and healthy environment for C-Suite Executives, Celebrity Ambassadors, employees and staff (aerial and surface disinfection)
  • Minimum inconvenience for staff and zero damage to the expensive electronic office equipment  (zero chlorine and alcohol content)
  • Create a customized, cost-effective disinfection plan as per the footfall of the offices (Weekly to Daily Plan evolution)
  • Offer a medical-grade service, with proven expertise and trained disinfection agents



  • Successful implementation of Weekly and then Daily COVID-19 Dry Fog Disinfection Plan for the 40,000 sq. ft. offices. 
  • Our disinfection created an effective and economical in order to ensure the complete safety (both aerial and surface disinfection) of all the office premises
  • The combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions had a synergistic effect when attacking cell membranes, enzymes and the structure of the Coronavirus in addition to all other viruses, bacteria and fungi. The result was effective elimination with no risk of microbial resistance.
  • Implementing universally accepted sanitation protocols as per the latest WHO, CDC and BMC recommended guidelines 
  • Replacing the existing, ineffective wet-spray based sodium-hypochlorite service that was being carried out in-house 
  • Changing the company’s mindset on sanitation protocols in a post-pandemic world



  • The Daily Service was carried out by professionally trained disinfection agents using an ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogging Machine along with an odorless, stainless, non-toxic and eco- friendly disinfectant in an aerosol-based dry fog format. 
  • Our disinfectant is a hydrogen-peroxide based disinfectant that has been officially recommended and approved by the EPA and FDA for commercial and residential use. It has a 99% kill rate for all viruses, bacteria and fungi, including the Coronavirus. 
  • This disinfection process is in accordance with the latest, international disinfection and sanitization guidelines issued by the WHO, CDC and BMC.



  • Zero COVID positive cases recorded on implementing our disinfection service
  • Highly positive feedback resulted in increase in service frequency to a Daily Service. 
  • Dual disinfection (aerial and surface) with minimal inconvenience and no damage to any electronics, surfaces and the general premises
  • Company executives felt a safe and healthy environment was created for them to operate throughout the pandemic  
  • Mindset change for the foreseeable future to implement a professional disinfection service providers as an essential service despite staff vaccinations